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In a bid to encourage mobile friendliness due to the increasing usage of mobile devices, google released their mobile friendly policy in 2015. Many companies have since experienced a drop in their Pagerank and lost a competitive edge in their internet marketing aspect.

How We Can Help You

Mobile friendly and responsive website design

Here at Gherlock, we hope to help you regain your competitive edge. We offer full and partial service from design to building and hosting your own website which complies with the Google mobile friendly test.

App design

At Gherlock we hope to provide an all-rounded service to cater to all your business needs. Apps could be designed to incorporate into your business processes to help improve efficiency, effectiveness and engagement. Sky is the limit when it comes to the functionality of your applications.


Search engine optimization is an important aspect corporations pay attention to. It is little wonder so much focus is placed on this as an easily found brand has better odds of survival in this harsh business environment we have today

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